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Welcome to Bath

EPCs & Floor-


Your Professional Energy Assessor

At Bath EPCs & Floor-Plans we are providers of Domestic EPCs, Energy Performance

Certificates and floor-Plans, a service provided for Bath and the surrounding areas.

We are an independent local company and have been providing EPCs for Bath

and Bristol since there inception in August 2007 and recognised as the

largest experienced provider with thousands of reports completed

covering an area of approximately 20 miles around Bath.

BATH EPCs & FLOOR-PLANS      Local People. Great Service.

We provide coverage for energy performance  certificates in Bath and Floor-Plans  in the areas opposite

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epc in Bradford On Avon epc

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epc in Chippenham epc

epc in Melksham epc

epc in Trowbridge epc

epc in Warminster epc

epc in Frome epc

epc in Mid Somer- Norton epc  

epc in Shepton Mallet epc

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Who We Are

Epc in bath are a dedicated Energy Performance Certificates [EPCs] Provider. We work with our own fully qualified Domestic Energy Assessors in Bath & surrounding areas [DEA in Bath] This is the domestic energy assessor who compiles the information at your property and completes the energy performance certificate, EPC. We have been providing EPCs since their inception in 2007 as well as floor-plans.

What’s an EPC

An Energy Performance Certificate [EPC] is a legal requirement made law in August 2007. They are the governments chosen way of complying with the `Energy Performance of Buildings Directive`[EPBD] Their purpose is to record how energy efficient a property is with how much CO2 the property is producing. The report will provide a rating of the energy efficiency [and most importantly the CO2 emissions] of the building from A to G, where A is very efficient and G is very inefficient. All residential EPCs are an `Evidence Based Visual Non-Invasive Survey` EPCs are produced using RDSAP [reduced data standard assessment procedure] which is the calculation from full SAP [standard assessment procedure] standard methods are used with standard assumptions about energy usage so that one building can be easily compared with another building of the same type. This allows prospective buyers, tenants, owners, occupiers and purchasers to see information on the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions from the building so they can consider fuel cost as part of their investment. An EPC is always accompanied with recommendations that lists cost effective and other measures [such as low and zero carbon generating systems] to improve the energy rating of the building and so reduce the amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. The certificate is accompanied with information about the rating that could be achieved if all the recommendations were implemented.

How do I order my EPC?

Simply telephone the land line or mobile number or text, alternatively send us an email to order your epc, all found at the top of this page. Once your order is received we will arrange a suitable convenient time to visit your property. We do offer a key collection service, however we do have to limit the travelling distance as we don’t want to charge any fees for this service. The EPC on completion will be sent to your agent or solicitor or both & registered with Landmark.

Who Needs an EPC Certificate?

Energy Performance certificates [EPCs] are needed whenever a property is built, sold or rented. If you’re selling or renting your property, you must order an EPC for potential purchasers and tenants before you market the property. All properties require an EPC for sale or rental in England and Wales, however there are a few exceptions.  All residential and commercial buildings which have been listed are `Exempted` from having an EPC as from the 9th January 2013. If you don’t obtain an epc when one is required, you can be fined for non-compliance.


The energy rating experts

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epc in Brislington epc

epc in Radstock epc

epc in Chew Magna epc

epc in Market lavington epc

epc in Saltford epc

epc in Warmley epc

epc in Stoke Gifford epc

Who is Responsible for obtaining an EPC?

For existing dwellings that are being sold or let, the responsibility will rest with the seller or the landlord. It is the responsibility of the relevant person to make sure that the EPC is made available to prospective buyers and tenants, even if, in practice, this is done by someone else [e.g. an estate agent or managing agent] The EPC has to be made available free of charge to any prospective buyer or tenant prior to entering into a sale or lease agreement. This is controlled by Trading Standards who can impose fines for non-compliance. As of 6th April 2012 an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) must be commissioned before marketing your property for sale or rent, whether it is residential or commercial. All "reasonable efforts" must be made to ensure that an EPC is obtained within 7 days of marketing the property. Where it has not been secured during that period, there is an absolute duty to obtain it within 21 days of the end of that period [maximum 28 days] Please click here for full DCLG guidelines.

Can I market or rent the property before I receive my EPC?

See page 5, section 2 [from the report] regards commissioning an EPC before marketing. Yes you can as long as you have ordered [commissioned] the EPC, [See various payment options, please be advised the EPC is not released until payment has been received, unless we have a prior arrangement in place] which will enable you or the acting agent to market the property for sale or rent.

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Prices: EPC £55 | Floor-Plan 2D £50 | EPC & Floor-Plan Combined £90

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         info@epcbath.org.uk                                                                                     01225 951177 / 07982 270777

    A Bit About Us

Fast friendly and functional, our professional Energy Assessor manages assessments with the skill, experience and expertise our customers have come to expect with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority. We started over 22 years ago project managing our own first Self-Build and have completed many projects since then, either new builds and total renovations/refurbishments.

We have completed our full SAP training for new builds, Air Tightness testing for New Builds, Hetas training for

Solid fuel appliances. Our background is in the HVAC industry [heating, ventilation & air conditioning] We install

 Wet Under-floor Heating systems in all our projects, and in new builds complete ventilation systems

 With Heat Recovery. Uppermost in our projects is always energy efficiency and air tightness,

 Contact us to learn more how we can help you.

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Click HERE regarding the RHI [Renewable Heat Incentive] for Biomass boilers & Stoves, Ground & Air Source heat Pumps, Solar Thermal Panels.

Click HERE for a fact sheet, an explanation of Domestic EPCs.

Click HERE for the MEES [minimum energy efficiency standards] on Rentals

Click HERE for further information on the MEES from the governments website department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.