All our advertised prices are inclusive of all fees and fixed up to one hour at the property for an EPC regardless of property size and complexity of design up to approximately 233 sq-Mtrs [2500 sq Ft] over 2 floor levels. Under normal conditions all surveys are completed within this time frame [with the exception of a combined floor plan and EPC] if the surveyor assesses your property to take longer than one hour a price will be quoted. Additional costs are based on time and the price will be calculated for any additions in price on 30 minutes increments from the advertised price.

Example: Up to an hour and a half for an Epc will be £95. Up to an hour and a half for a combined EPC and Floor-plan will be £135.00

Property size and complexity of design may qualify for a bespoke price. On acceptance of the price the surveyor will complete the survey. Please contact us for further details.

We never initiate work that might incur additional costs without discussing this with you first. General advice is free so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please Note: It is not necessarily the size of the property that determines the time taken to collect the Information/Data, but more likely the complexity of the design plus ancillary information required calculating an accurate report, such as; Large properties, complex designs, up to 4 extensions, basements, garage or loft conversions [B/C evidence will be required] non-separated conservatories etc. [please read the SURVEY page regards what happens when the assessor visits your property] Annexes if they qualify are treated separately with their own epc, see survey page.

**All prices other than our advertised rates will be discussed and agreed with the customer before the assessment starts if property falls outside of the size or time taken to complete**

If you have any queries or questions about our fee structures please contact us for a further explanation. All orders received and confirmed as an instruction will be assumed you have read, understood and agreed our Term of Business, please contact us immediately if you have any concerns or queries.

Ordering: You can order your EPC On-line or over the Telephone, text or email us the instruction

Once you have placed the order and paid for your order you will receive an order confirmation via email or text. One of our local Energy Assessors will then contact you, normally within 24 hours to arrange a convenient date and time for the inspection.

*If you prefer to pay the assessor direct at the end of the survey this will be arranged as an invoice will be issued

*If keys are to be collected, payment will be required before the assessor arrives at the property. We do have to limit our traveling time to and from the key collection point.

*If the property is empty and access is arranged for the assessor, please provide the forwarding  address for invoicing and when payment is received the assessor can visit the property

When completed the EPC will be lodged with Landmark, emailed to you and if applicable also to your property Agent and or Solicitor.

**Please be advised Property size and complexity of design may apply**

Our payment structure:

Payment is required from any customers who are paying us direct before we lodge the EPC with Landmark [see DCLG guidelines regards marketing a property for rent or sale] The EPC once payment is received will be created and lodged with Landmark and forwarded to your agent/solicitor, the report can also be downloaded from Landmarks website the EPC Register. A late payment fee of £25 will be added to the invoice if payment is not received within the 7 day time frame.

Property agents: Where we have an arrangement in place with property agents where we give a months credit we invoice on the 1st of each month for the previous months business. Payment is required within 7 Days. If payment  is not received within the 7 days time frame a late payment fee of £25 will be added per instruction regardless of how many instructions have been invoiced for. Please contact us if you have any queries or questions regarding this procedure.

DCLG Guidance Procedure

As of 6th April 2012 an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) must be commissioned before marketing your property for sale or rent, whether it is residential or commercial. All "reasonable efforts" must be made to ensure that an EPC is obtained within 7 days of marketing the property. Where it has not been secured during that period, there is an absolute duty to obtain it within 21 days of the end of that period. Please click here for full DCLG guidelines

Payment Terms:

Payment is made on place of order by BANK transfer into our business account; Details will be e-mailed to the customer with a detailed invoice of the order. Payment can be collected at the appointment, if the customer is paying by cheque or cash, at which time a detailed invoice/receipt will be issued to the customers email address [or brought with assessor on their visit to the property] On receipt of payment, the EPC and or floor plan will be forwarded to the customer or the agent or both in a PDF format, which is encrypted by Landmark once lodged. Should a colour hard copy of the complete EPC report be requested this can be done at a charge of £20 to cover printing and postage. We would advise simply downloading from Landmark, click here and follow the instructions to obtain the EPC and download.

All residential EPCs, energy performance certificates are the same, whether you’re a home owner selling or renting, either privately or through agents, a private or social housing landlord, and an estate or letting agent, a solar panel company installing PVs [photovoltaic’s] Green Deal, re-mortgage etc there is no difference regardless of what the residential epc is used for. There is no pass or fail for sales however their is now for rental properties as they will have to comply with the MEES. There are commercial EPCs & New Build EPCs: these are completely different as they use a different Methodology and calculation.

Emergency EPC service: £155.00 [paragraph 1 will apply] an invoice will be sent to the customers e-mail address and payment can be made immediately by bank transfer, once received we will arrange to visit the property. Other means of payment are acceptable for cleared funds on the day. Once payment has been received the assessor will visit the property and produce the epc which will be emailed the same day and or forwarded to the customer’s agent/ solicitor.

Re-inspections: Mainly for solar panel and green deal EPCs. Once the solar panels have been installed or the green deal work has been completed, an updated EPC will be required to now show the latest energy efficiency and CO2 output for the property. To re-issue the revised EPC, re visits are charged at £55, which includes inspecting the work completed. A letter signed and dated by the home owner stating no other changes have taken place will also be required.

Key collection service: We can collect keys with the permission of the customer from the agent at no charge, however if the total travelling distance between agent and property and back is more than 5 miles/ 8 km then an additional fee of £20 will apply. 

Refunds: A full refund will be made as long as we receive a minimum notice to cancel the appointment 48 hours prior to the assessors visiting the property from the time schedule given at the time of making the appointment. Once the assessor has visited the property no claim can be made for a refund as the instruction will have been accepted the service provided and the epc processed.

Appointments: Any appointments aborted [assessor unable to gain access to the inside of the property regardless of the reason] where the assessor has to revisit the property, will incur an additional £35 charge.

Complaints Procedure:

If you become aware of any possible complaint you must inform us immediately giving all relevant details, and allow us to investigate fully by giving us access to ,and allow us to take copies of any materials, records or documents we consider relevant;

We would seek to immediately address and resolve any initial complaint by telephone, email or in person. If you are unhappy with this you must send a Notice to us detailing the complaint in writing. We will then acknowledge your complaint in writing within 7 days, and we will offer a resolution within 21 days.

If you are dissatisfied with our offer to resolve the matter, the complaint will be escalated to the `Elmhurst Accreditation Scheme`. Please be aware that you can escalate your complaint to the scheme at any time and you are at no time deprived of your legal rights. Complaints that are escalated to the Scheme are logged by the Scheme and dealt with in accordance with the complaints procedure set out in the Scheme Document and the Scheme Complaints Procedure.

We will notify the Accreditation Scheme of any complaint we receive with details of the outcome if we are able to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. We will also keep a history of each complaint which will be made available to the scheme on request.

Where this complaints process does not resolve your complaint it will be referred to an Independent Panel which will consist of three members of the `Elmhurst Accreditation Scheme,

 Who have not been directly involved in the process and

 Who have no direct interest in the decision.

These procedures will be accessible and available at no cost at the point of access to customers and, where appropriate, provide effective redress.

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